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Wednesday, November 10th, 2010
1:51 pm
Day Ten Word Counts
 It's Day Ten.  10 days into NaNoWriMo, 1/3.  It's the middle of hell week.  But you're not going to let that stop you, are you?  So what's your word count today?  

Also the winner of the team word war of Calliope Vs. Clio will be announced later today!  Three guesses as to who won.  Meanwhile Erato waits in the wings to take on the challenge this weekend..
Friday, November 5th, 2010
2:24 pm
Interview with Clare Revell
So I guess the first question is, who is Clare Revell?  Well, Clare Revell is a friend of mine who has a book out today.  The book is called Season for Miracles.  I'll let the interview speak for itself.  It was pre-recorded because both her and I are doing NaNoWriMo (writing 50,000 words in one month!).  That being said, enjoy:  

Hello Clare and welcome to my journal.  Everyone wants to know about you and this exciting new book you have so I'll dive write into the interview!

1. What is the book about?

The book is called Season for Miracles.

The back cover or blurb says:
A Killer lurks in Headley Cross…
…And Holly Carmichael is the only woman to survive his attack. Now she lives in fear, searching for normalcy and trying to put her life back together. When she meets Kyle Stevens, he turns her world upside-down. He’s as exasperating as he is appealing. How can Holly make sense of her awakening feelings when she’s so unsure of Kyle? His voice is familiar, he’s left-handed, and he wears the serial killer’s cologne. Who is he…really? As Holly struggles to restore her damaged faith, she must find the strength to trust once again—in Kyle and in God.
Kyle Stevens isn’t ready to live again. Racked by guilt, he’s afraid to feel. His sole focus is finding the Headley Cross serial killer—his girlfriend's murderer. That is, until he meets Holly Carmichael. He’s drawn to Holly, vows to protect her where he failed to protect his former love. But Holly makes him feel again, emotions quickly morphing into something much more dangerous to his hardened heart.
When the serial killer returns to finish what he started, only a miracle can save them…but then, it's the Season for Miracles.

2. What is Christian Romance as opposed to the traditional romance?

Christian romance has to have either hero or heroine a Christian at the start and both by the end. They uphold the ten commandments, there's no drinking, no sex before marriage... and if the couple are married then the bedroom door stays closed. There is conflict and action, as in every romance, and the characters are real people, dealing with real issues, same as in every romance, with the added relationship with God. And they don't swear either. It's the kind of thing I feel comfortable lying around with my underage kids in the house.

3. Who are your literary influences?

Tom Clancy, Danielle Steel, Ellis Peters. I love romance and action, crime and mystery. Which is why I write the genre I do.

4. What made you choose this genre?

I write romantic suspence. Which is a wonderful mix of everything I love in a book. The hero and heroine meet, fall in love, along comes the bad guy. There's guns and serial killers and cops and going into the witness protection programme and its just as much fun to read as it is to write.

5. When you're not writing, what do you do?

I watch a little TV - but only if the kids aren't around, otherwise its sport or Hannah Montana or Zach and Cody or any other Disney Channel programme. I like Without a Trace and the Murdoch Mysteries atm.

6. What is your writing process? Do you have any rituals you do before or while writing? Hemingway used to stand in front of his typewriter; Raymond Chandler wore kid gloves.

Yes. The first draft of anything is done by hand. With a nice propelling pencil, with a rubber on the end (that's an eraser to you US peeps) on narrow feint paper. Nano prohibits this, so I do my notes like that instead.

7. How do you come up with your ideas?

Some are prompts from writing communites. Some are from dreams or nightmares. Some come just from a walk or a sound in the street. Season for Miracles came from a prompt on the LJ community nanowriwee. 'Why do they call it falling in love?' was the prompt. The original result was a 14k first person POV story. The story was rewritten completely during nanowrimo last year. After edits it ended up at just over 37k

8. Are you a religious person? How does this influence what you write?

Yeah. I've been a Christian since my late teens. I write what I know and try to write stuff I wouldn't mind anyone picking up and reading. Esp with the way the kids just appear over my shoulder at times.

9. Where can everyone buy your book?

It'll be availiable direct from the publisher as an ebook.
sorry it really does need all those numbers - dunno if you wanna hide that under a HERE link lol.

10. What are you working on now? I heard you have another novel coming out?

I've just completed a requested rewrite and sent it back. Right now it'll be nano - and as I have 2 ideas I may well end up writing both, we'll see. As my MMC is a cop and one story involves a disappearance (time travel) he can be investigateing that one, when mystery number 2 happens and he has to switch cases lol. We'll see

Yes. :) That one is called Saving Christmas. It doesn't have a release date yet, but I'm hoping before the years end.

Rather than do the expected thing, Christmas Daniels, pursued a high powered career in London, flying across the world, never being home long enough for anything. When her father is taken ill, she returns to Hollies Christmas Emporium, an all year round Christmas shop to run it in his absence.
Matt Pringle, store artist and accountant, doesn't make a good impression on his new boss when he accuses her of stealing his parking space. Wanting to make up for it, he tries to impress her, but ends up falling for her instead.
When the store is threatened with closure, Christmas, who insists on being called Chrissie sacrifices everything to try to save it. A committed Christian, Matt knows that Chrissie needs saving just as much. Will their growing attraction help Matt save Christmas before it’s too late?

Clare Revell
Where faith and romance meet
Season For Miracles - coming Nov 5th 2010
Saving Christmas - TBA

Thank you, Clare, for taking the time out for the interview.  Much success with your new novel and I can't wait to read it! 

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Thursday, May 20th, 2010
12:03 pm
Writer's Block: BFFs
If you had to pick a character from your favorite TV show back in middle school to be your best friend today, who would you choose, and why? Have you outgrown some of the characters you loved when you were an early adolescent?

MacGyver's pretty cool.
Friday, May 14th, 2010
12:20 pm
Writer's Block: Mind reader
In three words, describe what's currently running through your mind.

Should I sleep?
Sunday, May 2nd, 2010
10:09 am
So work was actually fun this time and sadly, I was the only person who had any energy.  I even did two pushups for them, then I got the Curtain Call Party at Denny's and was tired.  Coffee or Coke, where are you?  The waitress was really nice and was happy when I tipped her.  Also, she didn't think we were all that strange.  Maybe we seemed normal, maybe she was warned beforehand?  Usually people come up to our group and give us this look and finally they have the courage to say "So...what are you guys doing?" but then I guess we didn't have our laptops with us.

We played Balderdash which I played a long time ago when I was a kid maybe once and I was really bad at it.  I got a few comments that I was good at it.  My favorite bit was the Raymond Chandler one.  It was Getting To Know Your Rabbit.  What's that movie about?  So I said a movie based on a Raymond Chandler novel because I could see Philip Marlowe calling some dame his rabbit.  And omg someone wrote "the sequel to Eminem's 8 Mile" and I almost burst out laughing.  It was a really fun time and that Western Burger was darned good too. 

Then I came home, wrote more words for Writo de Mayo.  I read Calvino on the bus.  I'm reading If On A Winter's Night A Traveler, which is insane.  I'll have to tell the story about why I'm reading this book later since I'm pressed for time.

Now I have to get ready for work!
Sunday, April 18th, 2010
1:27 am
Writer's Block: Collector's piece
Do you collect anything? If so, describe your favorite collection (past or present).

Now I collect programmes. You know how when you go to a play they give you those progam things. I decided I'm going to collect those. People work so hard to put them together, might as well keep them.

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Sunday, April 11th, 2010
8:55 am
Writer's Block: Back to the future
If you were 12 and could see yourself now, do you think you'd be happy or disappointed, and why?

More like surprised. I'd think it was some kind of joke. At 12, I figured I'd be in a cubicle working on a computer. I mean having stories published, going to poetry readings, having friends? Reading more than 3 books in a year? Yeah, right lol. Candid camera? . . . What do you mean I wrote 200,000 words in one month? Who the heck can write that much? Yeah, right. I told Laurie I loved her and she blew me off, my life's over.

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Wednesday, April 7th, 2010
9:39 am
Writer's Block: Pet talk
If your pet could talk, what is the first thing s/he would say to you?

Feed me!

Current Mood: crazy
Monday, April 5th, 2010
10:54 am
Writer's Block: But enough about you
If it were possible to clone a same-age version of yourself, do you think the two of you would be friends? Do you think you'd enjoy each other's company or find the similar point of view boring?

I think we would be friends. I'm a nice person to hang out with. I'd also hug myself and not be afraid to receive one by myself.
Wednesday, March 31st, 2010
12:01 pm
Writer's Block: Luddites unite!
Are you worried about where technology will lead us? Do you think it's possible that civilization may someday turn away from technology altogether for the betterment of humankind?

I think it's possible that civilization may someday turn away from humankind for the betterment of technology. Science fiction stories warn us time and again about this, but nobody will learn from that. It's not so much the introverted people who are comfortable using chat rooms or text messaging, and you wonder if they'll ever discover the telephone! It's the greedy people, the money makers, who will destroy this planet. Everything has to be faster and more lucrative. Time is money! McDonald's will rule the planet, Ronald McDonald that crazy clown will be the emperor! Grimace will be his sidekick! Who cares if he's purple. Hamburglar will be the guy collecting your taxes like the sheriff of Nottingham! Mayor McCheese will, of course, be mayor, but he's not really running the show. He's just there for looks. Ronald could have him killed at anytime and Hamburglar will be glad to do it, but he won't. He needs somebody to divert the public's attention. His wife will be Wendy from Wendy's. He'll marry her for peace and takeover, none of this fresh patty crap! Society does not need fresh, what society needs is now. Everything now, everything fast, who cares if it's good for you, long as it gets us through the day! Sure, we're fat but we feel darned good...and leafy vegetables are just so blah.

One day you won't even have to wait at McDonald's for your order! Just sit at home, punch a few buttons on the internet and it'll be delivered buy a robotic server. Or you could just use the McDonald's vending machine in your office! Who has time to go for lunch anyway when you have to be at that board meeting in 10 minutes! Just put in your money, select A1 or some other combination of letters and numbers, then the burger or meal goes down the chute! You push the little flap and out comes your burger, all hot and ready! Also the fries! As for the drink, just put your mug underneath the fill area, select your flavor of pop and it will fill. And they'll even have orange pop!! To relaunch McDonald's, they will have a new orange flavor, Happy Orange! Happy Orange = Orange pop with twice the amount of sugar! Kids will just loooooove it :D!

And of course, there will still be toys in Happy Meals! None of these clunky (expensive producing) little action figure toys! Now, you'll receive a paper at the bottom of the Happy Meal box which will be a code you can enter in the McDonald's site to receive 10% off a big plushy McDonald's toy! They have Ronald McDonald clown, Emperor Ronald McDonald, Mayor McCheese smiling, Mayor McCheese crying, Hamburglar with sword, and Grimace just being Grimace.

Burger King will be wiped out because we all know that's a copy of McDonald's since the Burger King king looks like Ronald McDonald without all the clown gear (If you've watched Saturday morning cartoons during the 1980's, you know what I'm talking about!).

Oh, and Ronald McDonald is a fictional character, so naturally all this stuff will be controlled by one central computer since somebody saw The Terminator and thought "You know what, that's a great idea!"

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Wednesday, March 10th, 2010
9:08 am
Writer's Block: 420 friendly?
A number of U.S. states are planning to legalize marijuana. Do you agree or disagree with this policy, and why?

I disagree because I don't want to be walking along the street with someone in front of me smoking marijuana. If I wanted to hotbox I would lock myself in a car and smoke myself to death on those. I mean I have no problem with people wanting to get high, just go get high somewhere else and don't interfere with us non-high people. Do I drink my espressos in front of you? Well, no. And if you're going to get high on that crap, be smart about it and don't look like you've just come out of the oven. You just need enough to get you through the day, so you don't need to overdo it! Look what happened to Corey Haim! And if you got the munchies, try and keep to yourself and don't be annoying and just buy your food, hide and eat to your heart's content. Sure there is talk that this stuff heightens your awareness, but if you find yourself all jumpy and crap, that's when you've had enough and that's when you hide in a corner and let yourself get off that high. Like really, you think you're cool because you do that crap, but you're not.

Also where will it end? We legalize marijuana then we'll have to legalize cocaine and crack and heroin and LSD. And LSD can be used for medical purposes! Because we all know how much crap antidepressants are (or, okay, maybe just me).

That's just my two cents I guess.

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Sunday, March 7th, 2010
12:54 am
I've read Shades of Green!
I've just finished Shades of Green about a half hour ago and I don't know how to describe it. It wasn't what I thought it would be, it was so much better. I almost have the same feeling I got from reading Sister Margaret. I read through that story and by the time I got to the end I was like "OMG!!!" because I didn't realize how blah blah was actually blah blah, and so I read the story again and saw how blah blah was blah blah. Shades of Green is a love story but with so many layers. The obvious layer is what you see on the front cover. If I say any more, I'll end up spoiling it.

Now the book is labelled as science fiction in the place where I bought it, and my first thought was IT'S NOT SCIENCE FICTION! I started reading and then I thought, okay I can see how this is science fiction, but that's maybe a really small percentage of the book (the Reptar you used to be a technologically advanced race and now they're not). The rest is fantasy and I saw this with the Tolkien-esque kind of thing happening. Also a bit of Christian elements maybe, but that's what I got from the book, I don't know if it was intentional or not.

I want to read this book again. I feel like there's so much going on that I missed. The world is also incredible. There is a reference to Abbadon who I think is Bayne's mother. Yeah, if I think about this, my head's going to explode. The book was that good.

Oh one part which really leaped out at me was when they were having dinner and the bratty daughter is asking the main character to pass the bowl of fried frogs. My inital reaction: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. And I think that's what Rhonda wanted. Why even put that detail? The Reptar are just normal people, they just look different, that's all.

Omg that one lady reminded me of this lady from Little House on the Prairie.

I can't wait to read other stories about this world. I'm starting to get into the characters and the history too.

Omg, another bible reference came to me. Okay, I have to go before this book overwhelms me.

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Monday, March 1st, 2010
12:36 pm
Writer's Block: Marital license
Do you think a marriage license should have a renewal or expiration date, just like a driver's license?

No, I don't think it should because marriage is forever! While you're at it, I think the driver's license should be forever to since you don't mind giving the licenses to idiots who don't know how to drive or park or enjoy not following the driving rules. The you not being the person who created the question because it's a good question, but the you as in the government or whoever hands out those silly things anyway. It sucks that you're hard on us kids when we drive and we got this stupid probationary license thing when people older than you're grandmother can't even parallel park right or enjoy tailgating. I think the police need to do a better job on catching these bad drivers but the sad thing is these bad drivers have enough money to buy you off. I'm sorry we don't have enough money, but us kids are trying to use that money to pay off our student loan because we're trying to earn a good living in your sad, sad world.

So don't talk to me about driver's licenses, people who have diplomatic immunity to park or drive on grass.

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Wednesday, January 20th, 2010
12:04 am
Writer's Block: Rotten tomatoes
What is the worst movie you've ever seen? Did you sit through it or walk out? What made it so dreadful?

OH! Beverly Hills Ninja! I saw it on TV and just couldn't watch the last hour, so I changed channels. It had a good setup though, but just went downhill.
Saturday, December 5th, 2009
11:33 am
On the twelfth day of Christmas, dobbin477 sent to me...
Twelve totchipandas drumming
Eleven sarahjanets piping
Ten mizraelles a-leaping
Nine canadianevils dancing
Eight a_short_forevers a-milking
Seven rhondaparrishs a-writing
Six telschas a-reading
Five la-a-a-aurakirstens
Four aquadeos
Three anadriels
Two movies
...and a LiveJournal meme in a pear tree.
Get your own Twelve Days:
Saturday, November 21st, 2009
11:48 pm
Writer's Block: Time in a bottle
Imagine that you have a time machine. Which deceased musician would you most want to travel back in time to watch perform live?

Beethoven :)
Sunday, November 1st, 2009
11:12 pm
Need to write
*kicks himself off of Livejournal*
Thursday, October 8th, 2009
11:33 am
Writer's Block: Job search
Are you happy at your current job? Do you think there's such a thing as a dream job? What do you hope to be doing five or ten years from now? Are you working towards that goal?

That's funny you should ask that. Really funny.
Monday, October 5th, 2009
8:08 pm
Writer's Block: Sick day
When you get sick, do you prefer to go it alone or be doted upon by a friend, partner, or parent? Do you usually go to work or school or stay home?

I prefer to go it alone. I don't mind being doted upon by a friend because my friend's usually know how much to dote. Oh, and I usually go to work lol. Today is my day off.
Saturday, September 26th, 2009
10:24 am
Writer's Block: Do you check your stars?
Do you believe in astrology? If so, how often do you check your horoscope and how does it impact your life? If not, do you get annoyed when people make assumptions about you based on your sign?

Yes, I do believe in astrology. I check my horoscope maybe once a year. I don't want to know my future since I make my own future.

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